Sunshine's Cove

The place where the Seeker's gather


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Looking for a nice place to hang, with nice ppl to greet you, look us up, we are at Spirit Marina

About us...

Sexy beach club in Second Life, with a relax atmosphere, the kind of place that makes you want to come back. We enjoy making our VIP's feel right at home, as our strength comes from them, our true owners, since without you, our VIP's, Sunshine's Cove wouldn't be the club it is.

Our DJ's are always pumping awesome tunes raging from classic rock, 80's, dance, latin, romantic, top 40's, R&B, country and jazz, you name it we have them.

If you are just looking for a place to hang out, listen to awesome music, enjoy open water sports, do some 7Seas fishing or goof around with your friends on our thunder slide, tobbies or bumper boats, give us a holler and we will TP you over.


Up Coming Events

At Sunshine's Cove we thrive to bring the best of entertainment to our public. These are our latest Tribute Concerts and our Special Presentations brought to you by Sunshine's Cove and DRC.

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